2020-21 Cohorts Pages

Cohort D

Cohort D students do not attend in person. You are entirely remote, logging in from home every day at 8:35 am. You attendance will be taken by your on line teacher. You will meet your teacher on September 10th. 

 What You Need to Know for Online Learning.docx 

Attendance Rules for 2020-21

All students must report to school every morning at 8:35 am. If you are "in person" that day, you will arrive at your arrival door. If you are not in school, you will be counted absent even if you log on from home that day. 

If you are "remote" that day, you will log into your computer or laptop into your google classroom where you will greet your teacher and she or he will take your attendance. 

School runs from 8:35 to 2:05 for all students, both in school and remote.