Welcome back PS14 2021-2022

A Message from Principal Benson

Welcome to PS 14!  We are so excited to welcome you to The Fairview School. 

I am Proud Principal Heather Benson. My email is hbenson2@schools.nyc.gov                                                            

My assistant principals are:                                                                                                                  

* Kalosh Dalipi, AP for grades Kindergarten & First Grade: kdalipi@schools.nyc.gov                    

* Peter Cantalupo, AP for grades 2&3: pcantalupo@schools.nyc.gov                                               

* Dr. Janine Chatterton, AP for grades 4 & 5: jchatte@schools.nyc.gov

COVID Safety First

We are working diligently and thoughtfully to open our doors safely:

  • We are opening with smaller class sizes to maintain 3 feet of separation.
  • Students will eat breakfast and lunch supervised in their classrooms.
  • Every person in the building is required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Parents of students in grades K-12 are asked to complete the COVID testing permission form. Random testing will take place every two weeks in school.

Session Times

Below is some basic information to help you plan for the school year. Remember that important updates, announcements, resources, and the school calendar are posted to PS14inCorona.org
The first day of class for students is Monday, September 13th.

  • Every morning, every adult and child entering the building must show the health screener by logging in and answering a few questions. Please be patient with your fellow families as everyone learns how to complete and show the “green screen” at the door.  see the  tutorial on completing the screener.
  • Drop off begins at 8:00 am and class begins at 8:05 am.
    • Grades K and 1 arrive in the back of the building, closer to 108th
    • Grade 2 arrives in the back of the building, closer to Van Doren Street
    • Grades 3, 4, and 5 arrive on Van Doren
  • Dismissal is 2:25, though dismissal for Kindergarten will begin at 2:15 and dismissal for first grade will begin at 2:20. This is to ensure distance between classes and a very safe dismissal.
    • Grades K (at 2:15) dismisses in the FRONT of the building, on the corner of 108th
    • Grade 1 (at 2:20) dismisses in the back of the building, closer to 108th
    • Grade 2 dismisses in the back of the building, closer to Van Doren Street.
    • Grades 3, 4, and 5 dismiss on Van Doren.
  • Here is our  Bell Schedule English and Spanish.docx 
  • Uniform for students is: blue on bottom, and blue or white on top. Uniforms are “highly recommended”.
  • We will host a remote only Orientation Meeting for families on the evening of September 22nd.
  • You may reach Principal Heather Benson directly with any questions or concerns at hbenson2@schools.nyc.gov.
  •  PS 14 Fairview School Calendar Aligned to the NYC Department of Education School Year Calendar E S. Please post it on your refrigerator!

Forms to Complete

Please complete this digital form to let your teacher know more about your child.

Additionally, we need your signature on many papers. Please return these documents on September 13th to your child’s teacher on the first day of school:

Policies to Review
Please also read and understand these policies.


  • For those students that already have technology provided by PS 14, you will continue to use that, especially on any snow days, Election day, or other possible remote days.
  • If you are new to PS 14, you will be provided technology (please be patient)

School Supplies
We are able to provide most of the traditional school supplies for you this year! We do ask that you send in a few items listed on the home page of our web site at PS14inCorona.org, and we encourage you to pack these in your child’s backpack the first day of school.

Kindergarten Supply List
First Grade Supply List
Second Grade Supply List
Third Grade Supply List
Fourth Grade Supply List
Fifth Grade Supply List

Sending you love!

Heather Benson

Proud Principal of PS 14 The Fairview School